Industry Leading Education from Expert Instructors

Our top-notch instructors will show your team proper tent installations so your business can make a great impression at every install!

Day 1

  • Safety First – The importance of always practicing safe tent installations, proper site surveys and site layout

  • Frame Tents 101 – Hands-on training on how to safely install a 20×20 high peak and a 20×20 small frame tent

  • Pole Tents 101 – This hands-on session focuses on squaring, rope tying, ratchet usage and more

Day 2

  • Frame Tents 201 – Practice a real-world installation of a half-hip, half-gable keder frame

  • Frame Tents 301 – Hands-on installation of keder tops & advanced frame tents

  • Pole Tents 201 – Participate in a hands-on installation of a 40×60 tension tent

  • Engineering 201 – Advanced installation tips

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